Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MADE IT TO KEY WEST! I left only a week ago but it feels more like a month having muscled thru three days of driving with a full load that included two cats. I landed in a beautiful house in the Old Town section of the island in a neighborhood full of sounds, smells, faces, and foliage very different from those in Maine. Still getting the living space together but those pieces will soon be all put together. It's oddly cold here and it seems my much vaunted thick New England blood has already thinned! But the sun still shines and I have no snow to deal with like so many in the northeast. Of that I'm truly greatful.
As far as playing music it seems there are endless places to find gigs. Tomorrow I'll follow up on some of the leads my good friend Jodie Curtis scouted out and will do some pavement pounding. I'll post any dates that come my way.............................All the best.

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  1. Hi Peter,

    Julie Harris here.. how are you? Tricia and Stephanie are in Key west for the next two weeks ans want to hear you play!! Any gigs lined up? Post them here so I can let them know. Hope you are well.