Saturday, March 27, 2010

Greetings all,
Still in Key West and feeling grateful to be spending the winter in a much warmer place. I'm not working as much as I had hoped but some more things may shake out in the coming weeks. Anyone looking for some cool music for whatever, let me know! I'll be here until the end of May.
I'm happy to say much of my time is spent working on new music. I'm writing in different styles and also re-writing older songs that seem to need a kick in the ass. I'm also learning some new covers which is always a bunch of fun.
Adrian Emberley my colleague in our duo Diva and The King was down here on her way back from her west coast tour. We started collaborating on some new tunes that are gonna be great! We plan on writing and recording an EP in the coming year.
Another collaborative effort is a song I submitted to It's a little tune called Saturday Girl and I got amazing work from Jodie Curtis, Bill Benoit, Rick Watson, and Jamie Decato. Jodie's son Jack, 13 years of age, was tapped to do the vocal (it's written as a "tween" pop song) and he did a fantastic job! Send out some good vibes for the song to be selected for licensing.
Working with other writers and musicians always gets the muse back in touch. Taking the time to create and sharing that experience with others makes all of us younger.......I'm not kidding!

And lastly, for some visual proof of me gigging down here check out the photo of me at Willie T's, (I'll be there Mondays 1-4pm through April) a hopping joint on Duval Street. It was taken by Randy Smith. He's a professional photographer who was just tooling around taking pictures and we chatted a bit and he sent me this. Check him out at he's really good.

Be well........

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