Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quick note: I'll be playing tomorrow night (thurs. Jan. 14th) with Jamie Decato on drums at the Dolphin Striker in Portsmouth, NH.
Jamie and I plan on doing some duo gigs in Key West and thought it would be a good idea to actually play together for the first time in years! We were the rhythm section in the ultra-funky band Tongue and Groove out of the Seacoast area during the mid-90's. I'll be dusting off some old R&B and other tunes I haven't played in a while so it'll all be ragged but right!


  1. I'd love to come here you play in Key West! If only it wasn't 2729 miles away. How about some gigs in the Intermountain West.
    Hope you are doing well my old friend.

  2. Hey!!! Doug! How are you!
    Let me know how to contact you. If you want to contact me directly email
    And I'd love to play the Intermoutain West! Seriously!
    Hope you're well.........