Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quick note: I'll be playing tomorrow night (thurs. Jan. 14th) with Jamie Decato on drums at the Dolphin Striker in Portsmouth, NH.
Jamie and I plan on doing some duo gigs in Key West and thought it would be a good idea to actually play together for the first time in years! We were the rhythm section in the ultra-funky band Tongue and Groove out of the Seacoast area during the mid-90's. I'll be dusting off some old R&B and other tunes I haven't played in a while so it'll all be ragged but right!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

KEY WEST here I come!
February and March are the winter's dog days here in Maine and lead to a certain degree of cold crankiness. This is most apparent when I pump gas while the wind inflicts a pins and needle attack to my soul.
So I plan on being down south where I hope to catch on in some of the many funky places and play some music. So if anyone has any suggestions please get in touch!
I know it's a bit late in the season to get gigs but this move feels so good and makes me feel so happy that success is inevitable.
My friend Jamie Decato who is one of the Seacoast's premier drummers is also planning to come down and play some duo shows. I've long wanted to work with someone on percussion and feel a strong backbeat while I'm singing and Jamie is a veritable funky groove-machine. In fact, next week we'll be playing a "rehearsal" gig at the Dolphin Striker on Thursday Jan. 14th. This will be a tune-up for what we hope will be many more gigs.
See you there!!!!